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Services for Children

Safe Hands

Safe Hands for all areas:

The Safe Hands programme provides support and advice for children who have experienced Domestic Abuse. Even when not physically harmed, children are likely to suffer lasting effects. This may include being easily upset, angry and scared or appearing withdrawn or aggressive.

The aims of Safe Hands are for children to:

  • Understand that feelings are ok
  • Develop their self-esteem and confidence and respect for everyone
  • Know that it is their right to feel safe at all times
  • Recognise who they can ask for help when needed
  • Learn skills to express their feelings without hurting others

This is achieved through the use of arts and crafts, role play, games, quizzes and lots more. Children are welcomed into a fun, informal environment and encouraged to work together, forming friendships within the group.

Each programme contains around 6-8 children between the ages of 5-11years. Two experienced Children’s Workers deliver each session of 2 hours in length for a ten week period.

Safe Hands South Tyneside:

In the South Tyneside area the Safe Hands Service is delivered by Emma Clark and Laura Malia. Referrals are welcome for any child aged 5-11 years and can be made by any professional or parent.

For further information regarding Impact Family Services’ Safe Hands Programme please contact:

Emma Clark & Laura Malia:
Tel: 0191 4567577