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Separated Parents Information Programme (SPIP)

SPIP info

These programmes are designed to help parents learn more about the challenges of post-separation parenting.  The course encourages parents to look at range of affects separation has on children, including the impact of ongoing conflict.

The programme aims to provide advice and support on how children in this position can best be helped and parents find themselves enabled to take steps towards finding their own family solutions. Most parents that go on the course find it helpful. Former partners attend different SPIP sessions, but it is important that both attend.

The course is not counselling or mediation, and personal circumstances and issues are not discussed. The course is not suitable for children, so childcare will need to be sought by the participant.

Separated or Divorced? Find it difficult to talk to your ex?

Can’t agree contact arrangements for the children ?

The Separated Parents Information Programme is designed to help

The Separated Parents Information Programme is a Government backed programme designed to help parents become clear about what their children need most from them and how to manage conflict and difficulties between themselves – including how to put this into practice.  At Impact Family Services we deliver the Separated Parents Information Programme across many areas including Newcastle, Gateshead, Berwick upon Tweed, South Tyneside, Sunderland, Darlington, Durham  and our partnership with Relate .  Post codes are given to enable you to find venues, please check the maps and directions to ensure you are aware of the location of the programme you book onto.

What is the Separated Parents Information Programme?

It is usually delivered to groups of parents in two x two hour sessions except in North Yorkshire and Cumbria when it is completed in one day, with a 4 hour session.  The sessions are held during the day, evenings and Saturdays. It works best if both parents attend (not together) however, if only one parent believes it is important and attends, it can still make a big difference

Please note that grandparents, new partners and other significant family members can also attend

What the course covers:

  • Working as separated parents in the best interests of your children
  • What children need: you will watch a powerful DVD made by children and young people
  • Parent communication – you will be given information, ideas and tips about communication between parents
  • Emotions – you will look at the emotional effect of separation or being separated parents and what needs to be put in place for a positive future

A SPIP might be appropriate for parents (or  other parties) when:

  • You find that your feelings and reactions to the separation are affecting your ability to communicate about your children
  • There are no safeguarding concerns about children or parents
  • You would like communication to improve, perhaps you are thinking about mediation
  • You have difficulty focusing on your children’s needs due to ongoing conflict

Parents who have attended the programme said…

“Just opened my eyes on separation and how my children see it”
“I was hesitant to come to this course, but I am now glad that I did.  I feel I have learned and become more aware of skills to use to deal with conflict”
“I learned a lot about communication and it made me think about things I say and how I go on around my child”

Any enquiries about the Separated Parents Information Programme should be directed to:

Family Mediation Services,
17 Beach Road, South Shields, NE33 2QA
Telephone 0191 5678282.

For information on this programme Nationally, please access the Cafcass website: