Impact Family Services in Scarborough has launched a new service to help families in dispute, going through divorce or separation.

The charity, which supports every member of the family, has offices across the North East and Yorkshire. The services offered help families in times of stress and dispute, including family breakdown and domestic violence.

And now, with the changes in legislation and the lack of legal aid available putting extra strain on families trying to go to separate ways, the team at Impact FS has launched an affordable option to assist in avoiding court and the expense involved.

The Separation Dispute Resolution service costs parties just £25. Set in an informal environment, and attended by a dispute resolution professional, the session aims to keep separating families out of court by offering a platform to come to agreements on children and finances.

Run by Helen Evans and Sarah Carr, the Impact Family Services Scarborough office is already helping people across North Yorkshire come to better agreements, and keep control on decisions and financial outlay. Helen said:

“Courts and solicitors cost a lot of money and take control away from the decision made about your own future and that of your children. We are passionate about ensuring that families in dispute get the best support and advice possible and many couples splitting up benefit more from talking about the way forward than getting into costly legal battles. Our dispute resolution option is not only affordable, but is the best way to walk away with all members of the family considered.”

Other service offered by the Scarborough office which can be found on Pavillion Square, are family Support Work, Family Mediation, and Supervised and Supported Child Contact.

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