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Some of our services rely upon donations and fundraising. If you fancy doing something fun and making us your beneficiary our team and our service users would be really grateful!

We aren’t asking to shave your head or jump out of a plane but there are plenty of things you could do to raise money! Here’s a few suggestions.

  • Coffee morning
  • Park Run or Great North Run f you are feeling fit!
  • Stop Smoking or drinking for a month
  • Quiz night
  • Raffle
  • Mock auction
  • Cake sale
  • Or get your kids doing the hard work with a sponsored swim, walk, dance off!

Our Creating a Home project takes £8000 a year to run, thanks to the generosity of the partners involved. As well as funds, we also need practical things like good quality second hand furniture and home ware. To donate please contact Julie at our South Shields branch.

Buy A Book and Donate

Buy A Book and Donate

For every copy of White Sorrow bought through this website, the author will donate 50p. Simply order by following this link and in the instructions to seller type ‘Impact’.

White Sorrow is a gritty, harrowing, true story about one woman’s journey through a marriage so oppressing, so confidence draining and so shocking in today’s modern society.

When well-travelled Andrea comes to the UK to visit her family, she does not expect to meet a man. However, she does and swept along with the romance of it all, she marries him in a whirlwind affair.

What follows is a torrent of verbal abuse, emotional cruelty and domestic violence.

Andrea suffered for five years and White Sorrow follows the marriage through periods of starvation, cruelty and poverty.

The story tells of a woman suddenly on her own, with little support and a fear so great, she forgot who she was.

Luckily for Andrea she remembers her inner strength and her confidence – she fights back and today has survived to tell her tale.

The book will stir every emotion. It will make you count your lucky stars, or make you realise your life doesn’t have to be that way.

“I read White Sorrow in two days. I just could not put it down. And now I feel passionate about her cause and why she has written this book. Andrea Aviet deserves a voice…and in White Sorrow she can be clearly heard and can help others!”
Get your copy of White Sorrow now!